ocean302Anyone who has been to Melbourne Beach has most likely visited the Melbourne Beach Super Market, a unique little store which not only has all your basic grocery store needs, but also an endless supply of wine, beer, and even take away Italian! Charlie Zubi, the owner of the supermarket, has decided to expand upon his business ventures to add a new restaurant to the strip just next door to the market! Ocean 302 Bar and Grill hopes to open in December, and it has already gained a lot of popularity from the community in anticipation. According to the executive chef Jeff Kainz, the food served will be “very fresh, farm-to-table”. He even will have a chalkboard with a list of the days fresh ingredients, and guests will have the opportunity to ask for any dish to be made out of those ingredients. Kainz hopes to create an interactive dining experience by sitting with guests at a specific ‘chefs table’ which will need to be reserved ahead of time. In addition to an interactive experience, Ocean 302 wants to bring people together by having the option to sit at community style tables. Fantastic, fresh food will not be the only reason to come to Ocean 302 though. A selection of over 100 beers, wine, and champagne will also be available for those of us who want to venture out and try something new! Ocean 302 hopes to bring back the art of dining and it seems like they will have a lot of success doing so!


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