Tomorrow, February 24th, SpaceX will launch their Falcon 9 rocket and send the SES-9 Satellite into space.

SpaceX is a privately owned company which was founded in 2002 by CEO and lead designer, Elon Musk. Musk, the man behind both PayPal and Tesla, has proven himself as a successful entrepreneur who dares to dream beyond the limits of today’s world and into the possibilities of tomorrow. Innovation marks all his projects: PayPal was on the forefront of online and handheld money services and Tesla is the most economic and forward thinking car company in existence. SpaceX is no different; one of the company’s key goals has been creating reusable rockets which, once perfected, will drastically reduce costs for space travel programs. As of December 2015, that goal was proved to be possible as SpaceX successfully launched and then landed their Falcon 9 rocket, delivering 11 communications satellites into orbit in between. This was a monumental moment for SpaceX and for the future of space travel. The ultimate goal of SpaceX is to enable the ability for people to be able to live on other planets. As the world around us seems to decay more and more due to human influence, there is some comfort in the quick advancements made by SpaceX and hope that if the unfortunate destruction of the planet continues, other options may become available due to forward thinking minds such as Elon Musk.

Back when NASA was at its peak and was launching rockets and satellites every month, tourists flocked to the Space Coast to get a glimpse of the incredible Florida Space Program. Visitors were almost always able to check out a launch, something which became so common for those of us living in the area that the sonic boom could lullaby us to sleep. The shuttle program ended in 2011, and with it the enthusiasm of the American people dwindled. It seemed as though the Space Program had lost its momentum and the potential for space travel had reached its peak. But now with SpaceX’s continued success, that old excitement for launches is beginning to fill the air once again along the Space Coast. So if you find yourself in the Space Coast area, I recommend trying to make it up to Port Canaveral to witness the next generation of space travel. Stay here at The SeaGlass Inn and you are just a short, scenic drive away from the Port and we would be happy to help you make arrangements!

For tomorrow’s launch, Florida’s Space Coast will be hosting a free rocket launch party beginning at 5:30 pm. The launch window is set for 6:46-8:23 pm and Florida Beer Company will be providing complimentary beer, pizza, and T-shirts first come first serve for those in attendance! Check out the Facebook page for more information.

One thing to remember regarding these launches is that weather and conditions are extremely important and it is fairly common for the launches to be rescheduled or canceled.

For more information on SpaceX and to check out their launch schedule, visit their website