CLIO Rocket LaunchWe locals like to say we live on the Space Coast for a reason! RIGHT NOW it is T minus 5 minutes until an Atlas V rocket will launch the CLIO mission. The departure point? Kennedy Space Center, of course, just up the island from us. The visitor’s center there is an amazing way to spend an afternoon, learn about our space program, and if you schedule your trip right, meet an astronaut, or see a rocket launch up close!

If you’re thinking about visiting Melbourne, a rocket launch from the Space Center is a thing to behold. For today, though, we’re just headed down to the beach to watch the launch from our own corner of paradise. If you’d like to join us next time, the next rocket launch (a SpaceX Falcon 9 to the ISS) is scheduled for 2.15 AM on September 20th. Mark your calendars and prepare for a light show! We’d be happy to host you.

We’ve attached the Kennedy Space Center launch Schedule HERE for your planning. While you’re looking, don’t forget to visit the “Our Area” page on our website for more information about other centers of activity in Melbourne.